Artist Statement: Art is my humble means of expressing the intricate facets of my perception. From a young age, grappling with dyslexia, I found solace in artistic creation— a sanctuary free from spelling concerns. Intrigued by the duality of lines, ink became a fascination, symbolizing scattered thoughts converging into cohesive ideas. Exploring watercolor, printmaking, spray paint, screen printing, and digital art, I maintain a consistent identity across mediums.
Recognition, including Best of Show at the 2024 Nebraska Addy Awards, and display in galleries like the Walker Art Gallery, Museum of Nebraska Art, and Interlochen Center for the Arts Gallery, is humbling. Summers find me as an assistant Printmaking Instructor at Interlochen, contributing to artistic education. Pursuing a Studio Art degree at UNK in winter deepens my skills.
Beyond personal satisfaction, my artistic journey aims to contribute positively to the world. Art is a modest necessity, anchoring my mind. Motivated to communicate, inspire, and elevate the human experience, my creations speak a language that transcends conventional communication. The canvas, regardless of form, becomes a tool for change— a conduit for reshaping perspectives, challenging norms, and fostering a deeper understanding of the human mind.
As I navigate my artistic journey, grounded in the belief that art shapes the world, my modest goal is to be a catalyst for moments of introspection and transformation. Art is an invitation for others to explore their thoughts and emotions, a shared experience that transcends barriers. My journey is a humble contribution to a larger tapestry of human expression— a tapestry that, I hope, continues to evolve and inspire.
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