Drawings: From detailed charcoal drawings to simple family portraits, my drawings make a great gift or simply something to hang in your home. I offer large formats such as 16x20 and smaller formats such as 8x8. Size and drawing medium can be discussed through email. *$15/hr

Paintings: Looking for an oil painting of your dog? Or a landscape watercolor painting of your home? You've come to the right place, I offer quality and speed when it comes to my paintings, along with a wide variety of sizes and mediums. Size and painting medium can be discussed through email. *$15/hr

Digital Media: In this modern age it can be essential that you have up-to-date graphics and logos for any business. That's why I offer full marketing and digital media services, from a logo to an Instagram graphic, I am well versed in illustrator and photoshop programs. Further details can be discussed through email. *$16/hr

Website Design: Need a clean and simple website that represents your business online? I offer these services and more through my website design. I can provide a seamless online experience for your digital customers with my comprehensive understanding of how to build a website. Details and prices can be discussed through email.

Tattoos: Want some new ink? I offer complex and timeless designs, ones that are both functional and meaningful, having designed dozens of designs in the past. Further details can be discussed over email. *$15

*Price is based on a billable hourly rate, price of materials included in price. Before the start of the commission, I will provide an estimate of the time needed to complete the commission.
Thank you!
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